RadarOnline Posts Dubious Story About Shannen Doherty “Stalking” Jen Aniston

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By Daniel Gates

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Last week, RadarOnline fabricated a story that claimed Jennifer Aniston was upset about Julia Roberts allegedly stealing her “style secrets” by reaching out to her beauty team. On Tuesday, the webloid decided to manufacture a nearly identical report about Shannen Doherty.

“Jennifer Aniston is fuming to friends that she has a ‘celebrity stalker’ after Shannen Doherty hired her glam squad,” claims the blog. According to a “source” for RadarOnline, Doherty hired Aniston’s makeup artist Angelina Levin and hair stylist Chris McMillan “to give her a Jen-style makeover.”

“Jen was not amused to hear the news and gave her team members a piece of her mind — she thinks working for a ‘D-lister’ like Doherty is beneath her style squad members because they usually work only with A-list names,” explains the webloid’s mean-spirited “source.” Uh-huh.

This seems like a good time to point out that RadarOnline’s reporting on Aniston has been so incredibly wrong, so often, it almost feels as though the webloid’s “sources” celebrate April Fools’ Day year-round. RadarOnline seemingly has no idea what’s going on with Jennifer Aniston. And the outlet does itself no favors when it essentially recycles its own baseless rumors. Aniston was not “seeing red” over Roberts working with McMillan, despite what RadarOnline said last week, and she’s NOT “fuming” over Doherty. McMillan is NOT exclusive to Aniston, her rep tells Gossip Cop, and regularly works with other actresses. She even recommends him to other clients.

This notion that Aniston keeps her makeup artist and stylist under lock and key is a RadarOnline fantasy, one of many. We’re assured that the latest story is 100 percent false.

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