TAB: Jennifer Aniston Driving Justin Theroux Crazy

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By Michael Lewittes


In Touch continues its crusade against Jennifer Aniston‘s love life this week, claiming that the actress is driving Justin Theroux crazy with her supposed “neurotic, high-maintenance behavior.” A “source” for the tabloid says, “Justin really can’t believe how vain Jennifer is,” noting that she “complains nonstop about how fat she is” since she put on a few pounds after quitting smoking.

Aside from being self-absorbed and obsessed with her looks, writes the mag, Aniston is also putting off Theroux by instituting a “sex ban.” Huh? Yes, In Touch claims she’s so neurotic and desperate to conceive that she’s insisting “they should only have sex during her most fertile days.” Consequently, “Justin has been saying that their love life is more like a science experiment and he’s really fed up with it,” says the alleged “source.”

“They’ve been fighting a lot,” adds the insider, who reveals Theroux recently “rebelled” when Aniston booked them a holiday trip to Mexico, telling her “he wasn’t sure about going.” Another so-called “pal” explains, “He’s starting to feel like Jen is scheduling all of his time up so that he won’t be able to see his friends.”

The supposed crumbling status of their relationship leads the tab’s “insider” to predict they “could be kaput by Valentine’s Day.” Well, that’s a very convenient timeline for In Touch, because when the couple is still together two and a half months from now, no one (except Gossip Cop) will remember this wrong story.

Regardless, a source extremely close to Theroux tells us the tab’s tale is 100% FALSE, and that the couple is doing just fine.

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