CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston “Headed to Rehab”


By Michael Lewittes

(Getty Images)

“Boozing Jen Headed to Rehab!” declares the headline of a story about Jennifer Aniston that’s promoted on the cover of the National Enquirer. Of course, if you look carefully, the fine print below the tab’s exclamation that she’s “headed to rehab!” are the words “pals urge.” These so-called pals, must have the wrong Jen!

OK, so now that it’s already established that she’s NOT headed for rehab, is there even reason to think Aniston needs it?

According to the Enquirer, “Friends have grown concerned that the Emmy winner’s drinking is becoming a serious problem.” In addition to “hosting weekly vodka parties” with Chelsea Handler, the tab says Aniston’s “friends” fear she “has been hitting the bottle even when she’s alone.”

This is a pretty serious allegation, so Gossip Cop looked into it to get the facts straight. First, Aniston and Handler do NOT host weekly vodka parties – that is false accusation number one. But more importantly, Aniston does NOT have a “problem” with alcohol, and NO ONE is urging that she head to rehab – and that is false accusation number two!

An Aniston source tells Gossip Cop, “It’s more BS… The Enquirer creating problems where there are none.”

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