Jennifer Aniston “Collapsed,” Melted Down Over Brad Pitt-Angelina Jolie Engagement?

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By Daniel Gates



Jennifer Aniston “collapsed” upon hearing that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged, claims the National Enquirer. Not surprisingly, as soon as Pitt and Jolie announced their engagement, tabloid attention turned immediately to his ex Aniston, whom the mags long ago turned into Jolie’s supposed mortal enemy.

The Enquirer wastes no time in detailing an allegedly “devastated” Aniston’s reaction to the Pitt-Jolie news. “Brad called Jen the first week of April to tip her off about the engagement,” claims a so-called “source” for the mag. The “source” continues, “The news hit her like a ton of bricks,” and as soon as she got off the phone, “Jen burst into tears and collapsed! She just sank to the ground in a heap.”

We’d really love to know who this Enquirer “source” is, who is supposedly so close to Aniston that they watched her talk to Pitt and crumple to the ground — and yet not so close that he or she has any qualms about betraying Aniston to the tabloid. In any case, the Enquirer giddily illustrates Aniston’s alleged “meltdown” with photos of her “crying” — except the pictures are actually from her emotional recent acceptance of a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. Very classy.

To add insult to injury, the Enquirer claims that Aniston’s boyfriend Justin Theroux found her “sobbing and pouring over mementos” of her life with Pitt and, according to the tab’s “source,” became enraged. “Rather than being supportive, Justin blew up at Jen for continuing to obsess over Brad,” alleges the mag’s source.

Let’s put an end to this nonsense. If the Enquirer had actual Aniston insiders, the tabloid wouldn’t be dead wrong about the actress time after time after time. Jolie and Aniston are not lingering over some sort of alleged mutual hatred — the Enquirer is. A source close to Aniston tells Gossip Cop about the Pitt-Jolie engagement: “It didn’t affect her. She moved on a long time ago.”

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