CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston Forced Justin Theroux to Propose with Ultimatum

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By Daniel Gates


This is just sad. Ten days ago, Star magazine published a REALLY wrong cover story claiming Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had split. Gossip Cop busted it — and sure enough, with Star’s bogus “It’s Over!” cover still on newsstands, Aniston and Theroux got engaged.

It was a humiliating blunder for Star, and the magazine would have been wise to just own up to its mistake and do a short report this week acknowledging the couple’s engagement.

But wisdom is not Star’s strength. Instead, the tabloid is alleging that Aniston forced Theroux to propose by issuing an ultimatum. Star claims Aniston was upset about Theroux dragging his feet on marriage and angry after her “heartbreaking discovery” that he was in touch with ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens.

The mag says that Aniston essentially demanded that Theroux pop the question or leave. Theroux’s proposal was a “desperate move” to win back Aniston, says Star, theorizing that his “romantic gesture didn’t erase all the stress and heartache of the previous few months for Jen.” According to the magazine, “given the turmoil between her and Justin of late, and his recent meetups with other women, friends can’t help but wonder if this engagement will really end in wedded bliss.”

The only “desperate move” here is Star’s. Real life proved the tabloid’s previous stories about an Aniston-Theroux breakup wrong, and now the magazine is trying to shoehorn the couple’s happy news into its phony premise about how miserable they supposedly are. Sources close to both Aniston and Theroux tell Gossip Cop the “ultimatum” version of events is preposterous and false.

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