MAG: Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Working on $150 Million Prenup

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By Daniel Gates


The romantics over at In Touch are still having serious trouble with Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship.

Ever since the couple began dating, the tabloid has been churning out fictional stories, at one point claiming Aniston had instituted a “sex ban,” falsely alleging that she was pregnant and set to adopt, and wrongly reporting that Theroux had “dumped” her. So it’s no great shock that In Touch is covering the pair’s engagement with the same tilt toward baseless speculation.

Taking a cue from the National Enquirer (rarely a good idea), the tabloid is fixated on a supposed $150 million prenuptial agreement. In Touch claims both Aniston and Theroux are pushing for the prenup, and that the actor-screenwriter has been the “biggest advocate” of hammering out a deal before the couple weds. The tabloid quotes a “friend” as saying that Theroux “wants her to feel protected” since his own fortune is much smaller than hers, and that Theroux wants to prove that he’s not after her money. According to the entertainment lawyer In Touch consulted, “it’s a very good idea for them both.”

Whether or not that’s true, the attorney has worked with neither star, and this continuing tabloid obsession with a prenup between Aniston and Theroux is based on the mags’ fascination with assets — not the actual legal maneuverings of the couple. They just got engaged, there’s no wedding date, and the idea that they’re rushing to sign an agreement is a symptom of the tabs having nothing juicy or controversial to report about the happy couple. Aniston and Theroux have not been discussing any prenup, a source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop.

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