Jennifer Aniston NOT Pregnant, Despite Another Embarrassing OK! Cover Story

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By Daniel Gates

Jennifer Aniston pregnant


Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant and alone, despite yet another hugely embarrassing cover story from OK! magazine. The tabloid is guilty of being as unoriginal as it is wrong.

Last month, OK! said Aniston was pregnant with “twin boys.” That was an outright falsehood. But that was not even the first time the tabloid wrongly doubled-downed by babies. The publication previously misled its readers with stories about the Justin Theroux and Aniston expecting twins expecting twins on three separate occasions over the past two years.

None of those reports was true, and Gossip Cop was 100 percent accurate when we exclusively corrected each and every one of those tall tales. Just check our archives. Suffice to say, OK! has terrible Jennifer Aniston sources and no clue what’s going on with the actress.

This week, the magazine adds a new bogus element about Theroux allegedly abandoning Aniston for work reasons just when she was attempting to plan their wedding.

Of course, OK! claimed to have “all the details” about the Aniston and Theroux’s wedding in August, and as Gossip Cop and time have proven, that too was untrue. That fake cover story was after the publication had previously wrongly reported Theroux and Aniston eloped in Mexico the Christmas before. Basically, the tabloid has terrible Jennifer Aniston sources and no clue what’s going on with the actress.

This latest sad cover story is more of the same. Aniston is not “pregnant and alone.” A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the report is “false.”

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and alone.

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