Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With “Twin Boys,” Claims Tabloid

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By Michael Lewittes



Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with “twin boys,” reports OK!, which claimed the actress and Justin Theroux were expecting twins back in December 2012. The tabloid wrongly reported Aniston was pregnant with a boy and a girl also in February 2013, and even falsely alleged she and Theroux were designing a nursery for the twins.

According to the magazine, the star has been “undergoing IVF fertility treatments for some time now,” quoting a so-called “insider” as saying, “Jen’s hoping for twins.” OK!’s supposed “source” adds that Theroux is “hoping for boys.” And yet, even though the couple is only hoping to get pregnant with twins, the tabloid claims they’re already hiring nannies.

Another alleged “confidante” tells the rag that Theroux is “taking the lead in interviewing and hiring two nannies and one extra bodyguard specifically for the twins.” No, he’s NOT. One does NOT hire nannies when his fiancée is NOT pregnant.

OK! just has no actual news to report this week, so it decided to recycle this old, false story for the fourth time in two years. In any case, a source close to Theroux tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the magazine’s twins tale is totally made up. Sadly, Gossip Cop suspect these fake pregnancies stories about Aniston will resurface every few months. Hopefully, one day, Aniston herself will finally address how the tabloid have shamefully and falsely impregnated her over and over.

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant with twin boys.

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