Jennifer Aniston Five Months Pregnant, Vows to Raise “Miracle” Baby Alone?

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(In Touch)

By Shari Weiss

Jennifer Aniston pregnant baby

(In Touch)

Jennifer Aniston refuses to let fickle fiancé Justin Theroux ruin her ‘miracle’ pregnancy,” declares In Touch. Uh, what pregnancy? Oh, that’s right — the one In Touch COMPLETELY MADE UP. The magazine is still living in an alternate reality where Aniston is supposedly “five months pregnant.”

Falling further down the rabbit hole, In Touch now claims the actress is “steeling herself to raise the little girl she calls her ‘miracle baby’ all by herself’,” thanks to Theroux’s alleged “reluctance to settle down.” “The wedding is on hold — Justin keeps walking out and Jen feels like she’s been dumped at the time she needs his support most,” an “insider” tells In Touch. “But she’s vowed to her friends, ‘I’ll raise this baby alone.'”

The tabloid goes on to tie the couple’s supposed relationship woes to Theroux’s time in New York filming “The Leftovers,” leaving Aniston “nesting” alone in Los Angeles. “Jen has been disappointed over and over again as she soldiers through doctor’s appointments without Justin and struggles to savor all the milestones he’s missed,” writes In Touch.

The mag’s “insider” adds, “Jen hasn’t even given birth, and already she feels like a single mom.” Well, you know what? Aniston STILL hasn’t given birth to the baby In Touch claimed she was pregnant with BACK IN 2012. And the publication’s latest attempt at impregnating the star is just as fictional as the last time.

A source close to Aniston tells us In Touch’s pregnancy stories are “100 percent made up,” while a Theroux source confirms that the claims are totally “incorrect.”

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