Jennifer Aniston Causes Pregnancy Buzz at Guys Choice Awards?

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By Michael Lewittes



Jennifer Aniston may be pregnant, reports the brain trust on the unbearable VH1 show “The Gossip Table.” One of the show’s unseasoned panelists from HollywoodLife, who last week made up a fake story claiming Justin Bieber was dissing Selena Gomez’s new music, now says Aniston’s dress at Saturday’s Guys Choice Awards caused pregnancy speculation.

The reporter says, “She showed up in this really tight, strapless… I mean loose-flowing, strapless gown.” Um, so which is it? Tight or is it loose? The panelist’s confusion here is a perfect example of how the tabloid media creates rumors out of thin air — in this instance, using Aniston’s perfectly innocuous dress choice as supposed evidence that she’s expecting.

Anyway, the HollywoodLife blogger goes on to note that Aniston was “showing off quite the bust and had everybody buzzing thinking that maybe she could be pregnant!” “Everyone“? Really? No, not really. In fact, we haven’t seen a single other report about Aniston causing pregnancy speculation at the Guys Choice Awards. And the panelist herself even admits that her reporting is “obviously… completely unconfirmed and speculative,” adding, “But we love a good Jen baby story.”

And Gossip Cop loves a good UFO sighting tale — but do you see us reporting this as true? Still, the HollywoodLife blogger persists in her erroneous reporting, saying, “I think that yes, she definitely is [pregnant] because I believe she’s been trying for years.” Yes, this is the reporter’s logic: Aniston is definitely pregnant because she loves “a good Jen baby story.” Absurd.

Moments later, another panelist reveals that Aniston’s rep called the show’s pregnancy report completely “so ridiculous.” BUT STILL, the HollywoodLife blogger will not give it up, chiming in, “Well she’s eventually going to have a baby, okay.” Okay! What’s not okay, however, is a TV show disregarding the facts… just to fill time. Check out the train wreck below.


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