OK!: Jennifer Aniston ‘Pregnant and Alone!’

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By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston is “Pregnant and Alone!” claims the new OK! cover story. Given the tab’s track record, this is hilarious.

OK!, of course, is the same magazine that falsely claimed Aniston was having twins back in February. That was a total fabrication. In March, the tabloid wrongly reported that Aniston and Justin Theroux were “finally married!” That was completely made up. Last week, the mag pretended it had never published that other stuff, instead alleging that Theroux had supposedly “crushed” Aniston’s dreams for a “winter getaway” wedding. That was 100 percent untrue, as no such plan ever existed.

But since OK! apparently loves to bask in the actress’ purported misery, the magazine went truly overboard with this week’s installment of fantasy Aniston tales. According to the tab, things became so “toxic” between Aniston and Theroux, the couple has taken a “break.” “Jen’s life lies in ruins,” a so-called “close friend” tells the outlet. “The wedding’s canceled, her man’s nowhere to be seen. Friends are worried that Jen’s closed off from everyone, and that she is dealing with a pregnancy, abandoned and alone.”

That’s quite an assessment, except Aniston is (1) not pregnant, and (2) not separated from Theroux. But the OK! source is concerned. “Her pals are desperately worried over what the future lies for her and Justin’s unborn child,” says the supposed friend, using completely (cough) natural language. “The last thing anyone wants is for her to be facing a life as a single mom.” OK! goes on and on… and on… to describe Aniston’s allegedly fragile friendship with Courteney Cox, how Theroux is “not the marrying kind,” and an alleged “professional rivalry” between the two Hollywood stars.

But allow Gossip Cop to cut through the nonsense: OK! spent months spreading false rumors about the couple getting married and having a baby. Neither scenario came true, and OK! is desperately trying to sneak away from its previous pronouncements. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the tab’s latest cover story is “laughable” and “false.”

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