Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Reporter And Nearly Brings Him To Tears (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Radio 1 Reporter Video

By Michael Lewittes


Jennifer Aniston Pranks BBC Radio 1 Reporter Video

(BBC Radio 1)

Jennifer Aniston pranked a BBC Radio 1 reporter named Chris Stark by pretending to be the “worst interviewee ever,” nearly bringing him to tears. In order to pull off the joke, one of the network’s deejays, Scott Mills, convinced Aniston to be “super mean” to his colleague and act like she was taking offense to one of Stark’s awkward questions (video below).

When Stark asked Anistion how she would “make the first move” on a guy,” the actress got into character and started to grow frustrated with him. “First of all, I don’t think that’s an extremely appropriate question to ask,” she said. “I’m also committed to somebody. I don’t hit on people.” Mills, who was hidden behind the door, couldn’t help but laugh as he listened to Stark’s interview start to go south. After Stark profusely apologized for his “silly question,” he followed up by asking Aniston if her raunchy Horrible Bosses 2 character had inspired her to “write her own erotic fiction like ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.'” Aniston let out a sigh and said, “No.” She added, “I don’t write erotic fiction.”

Just when the interview couldn’t get any worse, Mills came out of hiding and confessed that he put Aniston up to the prank. Aniston truly felt awful about the joke. “I am so sorry,” she told Stark. “This makes me feel terrible.” Stark noted, “This is my actual nightmare right now.” As his eyes began to fill with tears, Aniston requested a tissue and began to dry his eyes. Do you think the joke was funny or mean? Check out the video below!

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