Jennifer Aniston Did NOT Call Angelina Jolie For Heart-to-Heart, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Forgives Angelina Jolie

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston Forgives Angelina Jolie


Jennifer Aniston did NOT recently call Angelina Jolie for a heart-to-heart and to offer “forgiveness,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this cover story from OK!, the same magazine that has published countless false pregnancy stories about the actress and still expects to be taken seriously.

According to the outlet’s insider, Aniston decided to reach out to Jolie because she knew “if she wanted to put the past behind her, she needed to have a talk with Angie to let her know she’s forgiven her.” The two actresses’ alleged conversation was “awkward at first,” says OK!, “but ultimately, both women were glad for the chance to clear the air.” The tabloid claims Brad Pitt “hopp[ed] on the line at the end to jokingly ask what had taken [Aniston] so long to reach out.”

If it sounds odd that OK!, the magazine that has routinely failed the basic question of whether Jennifer Aniston is expecting a baby, would suddenly have a source who knows details about a top-secret alleged phone call involving Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt… that’s because the call never happened. A rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop it’s all “made up.”

The whole story is really bizarre. After years of helping to fuel and sensationalize a decade-old purported “grudge” between Aniston and Jolie, it’s as though OK! suddenly decided to reverse course and explain the LACK of an active feud between the women as being the result of “dramatic phone call.” No. As Gossip Cop has said over and over, the reality is simply that Aniston and Jolie have never cared about their alleged war nearly as much as the magazines that use it to sell copies. Apparently, OK! can’t just settle for the truth when it’s boring, which is why we get manufactured stories like this one.

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