MAG: Jennifer Aniston “Desperate For An Oscar,” Choosing Roles For Nomination

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By Michael Lewittes


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Jennifer Aniston is “desperate for an Oscar,” claims OK! According to a so-called “insider” to the tabloid, the actress “has been researching projects for a year that she could attached herself to, so as to insure a spot at next year’s ceremony.”

How is she supposedly going to do this? The magazine says, “Taking a page from the playbook of gorgeous actresses and hunky actors who’ve been willing to look bad for serious, Oscar-winning roles, Jen is temporarily turning in her membership card to the flaxen-haired, ever-adorable club to go drab and dowdy.” Uh, nice writing.

Anyway, for her role in Cake, which she’s currently shooting, OK! says that in addition to sporting “a shorter, mousy hairstyle, little makeup, baggy unflattering clothes and a huge scar on her cheek,” Aniston is going to “gain 15 to 20 pounds.”

A bogus “source” tells the tab, “Jen knows the more weight she gains, the bigger her chances are of her role getting noticed.” “She knows she has to go even more extreme and show a side of herself no one has even seen,” adds the magazine’s phony source.

Just to remind you, OK! is the same tabloid that falsely reported Aniston was pregnant in November, was having twins in October, got married to Theroux in August — all after having eloped the previous Christmas.

Basically, the magazine needs new Aniston sources. Regardless, Gossip Cop once again checked in with a rock solid Aniston source, and we’re told, “She hasn’t gained 20 pounds for the part,” and it’s totally “absurd to think she is doing a part for an Oscar.”

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Jennifer Aniston is desperate for an Oscar.

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