Jennifer Aniston Miscarriage Invented By Shameless In Touch (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jennifer Aniston Miscarriage

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston Miscarriage

(In Touch)

Jennifer Aniston recently miscarried, alleges In Touch.

The reprehensible and false cover story, the latest in a long line of lies from a consistently wrong magazine that can no longer distinguish between fantasy and reality, comes one week after In Touch exploited Robin Williams rather than do real reporting.

According to the outlet, Aniston’s baby dream was “shattered” and she suffered “crushing heartbreak” when she “lost the baby” she and Justin Theroux were allegedly expecting.

This is 100 percent false. In Touch lied about Aniston being pregnant in May, and now In Touch is lying its way out of that lie by fabricating a miscarriage.

The alleged miscarriage is “completely fabricated,” a rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop exclusively. By using miscarriage to cover its tracks, In Touch trivializes the very real pain experienced by women who actually miscarry. It’s a pretty disgusting way of selling magazines. If In Touch had any credibility, it would simply own up to its mistake and say that Aniston wasn’t actually pregnant this spring when the outlet falsely claimed she was.

Instead, we get this. We wouldn’t clean up after our dog with In Touch.

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