CLAIM: Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Plan Dueling Weddings

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By Daniel Gates


We have to give OK! magazine some credit.

The tabloid could have been content to publish grossly wrong rumors about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt OR Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, but OK! ambitiously decided to put both couples in one gloriously inaccurate cover story titled, “Angie Sabotages Jen’s Wedding.”

According to the magazine, which characterizes Jolie and Aniston as having “Hollywood’s bitterest celebrity rivalry,” the two actresses are now in a “race to the altar!” “With Jen having found true love at last with Justin Theroux – and, friends say, planning to wed by year’s end – Angelina has vowed to upstage her by marrying Brad first,” reports OK!

Jolie has supposedly already “picked out a dress,” claim so-called “sources,” and the tabloid alleges she’s “determined to overshadow [Aniston] by throwing the more dazzling nuptials.” “They just can’t seem to let go of their grudges,” says one of these OK! “sources.” “They’ve taken a lot of jabs at one another over the years, but Angelina seems to be the one really obsessed with proving her dominance.”

And so, alleges OK!, the two superstars – neither of whom is engaged, by the way – are trapped in escalating “wedding wars.” The magazine slathers this nonsense with fabricated details about the upcoming events, provided by various unnamed “sources” close to Aniston and Jolie.

According to OK!, the Jolie-Pitt wedding might be in New Orleans, “but it could change to France,” and there will be “hundreds of roses in all colors” and a dinner of “steak au poivre.” Aniston, meanwhile, may exchange vows “atop her new penthouse” in Greenwich Village – or “Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.” There will be “10,000 or more” orchids and a main course of “sea bass or swordfish,” according to a “source.”

Lovely! There’s just one nagging little problem. Neither couple is engaged, and certainly aren’t planning any lavish weddings. We understand that the only thing tabloids like more than weddings is bad blood, which is why OK! decided to create this entire “race to the altar” scenario, but there’s absolutely zero truth to any of it.

Insiders assure Gossip Cop that nothing has changed since the last time OK! tried to pull a similar stunt. The two couples remain happy but not engaged, and the magazine remains happily oblivious to reality.

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