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Woman Not Moving in with Jennifer Aniston

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By Daniel Gates

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It takes a special kind of tabloid to pull a massive bait and switch on its readers by first fabricating the bait itself.

Hello, Star!

“After several failed relationships with men and with no new prospects on the horizon,” Jennifer Aniston is “ready to make a change,” announces the magazine.

What kind of change?

“Hello, Girlfriend!” blares Star‘s headline alongside the suggestive words, “Jen’s Moving In With A WOMAN.”

So Jennifer Aniston is supposedly frustrated with dating men, ready to make a “change,” and moving in with a “girlfriend”?

What the magazine is implying here isn’t exactly subtle.

Of course, Star‘s actual story doesn’t match the intention of its header.

The woman in question is Aniston’s yoga instructor, Mandy Ingber, whom Star insists she’s asked to come live with her. According to the tab, the two women “have become so close,” Aniston asked Ingber to “share her Zen-inspired home.”

An “insider” claims the actress “sees [Ingber] as a friend, a sister, [and] a confidante.” “They are already planning pool parties and barbecues and such,” gushes another so-called “source.” “Jen has the perfect partner in crime in Mandy!”

Wow, sounds like this plan is already a go, right?


There is no plan.

“Mandy is not moving into Jen’s house,” a rep for the actress confirms to Gossip Cop, and another source tells us the entire roomie rumor is nonsense.


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