Jennifer Aniston Getting $1 Million Post-Pregnancy Makeover?

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By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston is “already planning for what happens after she gives birth,” claims OK!, explaining that the actress is “not going to let motherhood stop her from staying sexy!” After she gives birth? She’s not pregnant. Of course, that little detail threatens to get in the way of a sensational OK! story.

“With all the personal training she’ll do, along with stretch-mark removal, plastic surgery procedures, beauty treatments and style makeovers, she can easily rack up a million dollars getting back into shape,” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid. So Aniston is going to pay a million dollars to reverse the effects of her fictional pregnancy?

Sources for OK! describe a bunch of costs, such as $7,000 laser treatments, $500,000 for personal training and yoga instruction, and $40,000 for a nutritionist, that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Of course, for months OK! has been caught fabricating about Aniston being pregnant and having a baby bump, including the bogus claim in December that she was expecting twins. Now the publication is trapped, forced to write speculative stories about a non-existent pregnancy and its aftermath.

Aniston’s rep has maintained throughout OK!’s campaign to impregnate the actress that she is NOT expecting a baby, and nothing has changed this week. If OK! is looking for good makeover candidates, the mirror would be a good place to start.

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