CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Relationship “Feeling The Chill”

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By Daniel Gates


(Getty Images)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s relationship is “feeling the chill,” reports In Touch.

The magazine argues that because the couple had spent recent weeks on opposite coasts before they both attended the recent New York premiere for Theroux’s “The Leftovers,” the fact that Aniston left the after-party early while he stayed to hang out with pals signals a major problem.

No, of course it doesn’t make sense.

This is In Touch.

In Touch wrongly thinks Aniston is pregnant.

The magazine has no clue what’s going on, and has been embarrassing itself for years.

In any case, this time the outlet is so desperate it analyzes Theroux’s mood during a shopping trip the day after the premiere.

“He was bored senseless,” a so-called “insider” tells In Touch. “Jen won’t be coming back anytime soon.”


In Touch keeps printing the same boring, demonstrably false nonsense over and over.

It’s sad.

An actual source tells Gossip Cop that Aniston and Theroux are perfectly fine, just like the countless past times In Touch wrongly claimed otherwise.

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