CLAIM: Jennifer Aniston “Crushed” That She’s Not Engaged to Justin Theroux

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By Daniel Gates


Rather than admit past mistakes, In Touch just digs itself deeper. For months, the tabloid has published baseless stories about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, wrongly claiming that they’d entered couples therapy, that he was battling Brad Pitt, and that she had instituted a “sex ban.” Aniston was also either set to adopt a baby or pregnant, depending on what the magazine felt like fabricating in any given week. None of these reports was true, nor was In Touch’s conviction that Theroux “dumped” Aniston over the holidays or the claim (months later) that she was controlling his meals and hair.

Now the clueless tab is running a big splashy story about Aniston being upset over Pitt’s engagement to Angelina Jolie and devastated that Theroux has not proposed by their one-year anniversary. “Jen wishes Brad nothing but the best, but she’s still crushed that he’s engaged and she isn’t,” explains a so-called “friend.” The magazine seems to take delight in Aniston’s perceived misfortune, declaring, “One Year Later… No Ring, No Baby!” In Touch then outlines Aniston’s alleged “sneaky plan” to get Theroux to commit, which involves their co-habitation, working together on another movie, and Aniston impressing Theroux with her “famous friends.” Uh-huh.

Look, we understand the easy thing for tabloids to do with the Pitt-Jolie engagement news is to shine a spotlight on Aniston and speculate about how miserable she must be, or to insist that she’s decided to race Jolie to the altar. But that doesn’t make any of it true. As Gossip Cop has consistently reported, Aniston and Theroux are happy and doing things at their own pace. A source close to the actress tells us again that she “moved on” from Pitt years ago and that his nuptials have zero bearing on her own marriage timetable.

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