Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Went to Mexico to ‘Save’ Troubled Relationship?

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By Michael Lewittes

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was more than just a holiday getaway, says Star. The sensationalized tabloid claims that the trip was a last-ditch attempt to “save the wedding!”

According to the magazine, it’s recently been “Tension City” for the engaged couple due to the fact that Aniston has supposedly become a “completely different person ever since Justin put a ring on her finger.” How so? A so-called “friend” tells the tabloid, “She really wants to one-up Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolies upcoming wedding. It’s become her obsession.” No, it hasn’t.

The tabloid simply made that up to sell magazines. Anyhow, Star says that this alleged infatuation with outdoing Pitt and Jolie is “taking its toll on her relationship with Justin, who is wondering where the sweet, laid-back woman he fell in love with has gone.” The tabloid’s purported “insider” adds, “She has turned into the fiancé from Hell.”

So, after supposedly realizing Theroux was “upset with the wedding-prep frenzy,” the source claims she suggested the trip in order to “put him back at ease.” Well, that’s one theory on why Aniston and Theroux went to Mexico over the holidays. Another possible explanation is that they just wanted to go on vacation.

Given Star’s spotty track record when it comes to reporting about the pair, for example, claiming Aniston and Theroux had split just days before they got engaged, Gossip Cop is going to go with the latter. Still, we checked in with a source close to the couple, who tells us the tab’s tale is “wrong, as usual.” Going to Cabo for the holidays is an annual Aniston tradition, adds our insider.

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