Jennifer Aniston “Worries” About Justin Theroux’s “Friendship” With Liv Tyler?

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Jennifer Aniston Jealous Liv Tyler Justin Theroux

By Michael Lewittes

Jennifer Aniston Jealous Liv Tyler Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston is “getting annoyed with Justin Theroux’s friendship with Liv Tyler,” begins a piece that got picked up by one of Yahoo’s sites. According to the report, which originated in the British tab Grazia, Theroux and Tyler, who are starring together in the HBO show, “The Leftovers,” “get on like a house on fire, a fact that has left Justin’s fiancée Jennifer feeling slightly irritated.” Uh, huh.

A so-called “source” claims “a bone of contention” for Aniston is that Theroux — much like Tyler — prefers to live in New York. Additionally, Theroux is “a lot more laidback than Jen, which is a quality he shares with Liv. And that’s not all he and Liv have in common. They both value the simple things in life and are each eccentric in their own way, whereas Jen is very mainstream,” says the “insider,” who seems to be on a first name basis with both “Jen” and “Liv.” Adds the supposed insider, Aniston “worries that Justin’s friendship with Liv could provide things that his relationship with her just can’t.”

Here’s what’s true: Tyler and Theroux star together in “The Leftovers.” Here’s what’s NOT true: Everything else. In the past week alone, Theroux slammed the “annoying” tabloids for their made up soap operas, while Aniston has genuinely gushed about her fiancé. Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, and we’re told the latest tale is more of “the same old garbage.”

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