OK! Magazine: Jennifer Aniston Having “A Baby On Her Own”

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By Michael Lewittes


“CONFIRMED: Jen’s Big News – A Baby on My Own!” blares the cover of OK!, which claims Jennifer Aniston recently revealed to friends that “it’s a done deal” – she’s going to be a mom. The actual inside article, however, completely backtracks on the “done deal” assertion, suggesting that Aniston is merely getting ready to have children.

The tab’s main “evidence” that Aniston is planning on becoming a mom is… real estate. She is supposedly putting her Beverly Hills home on the market because “it’s no place to raise a baby,” says a so-called “friend.” Another so-called “confidante,” explains that the Just Go With It star “felt the Beverly Hills home was too sprawling and unmanageable for a new mom,” so she’s renovating her old Hollywood Hills home “because she thinks it’s smaller and a better-laid-out home for a baby.” Not proof enough?

OK! also uses Aniston’s new “sassy bob” hairstyle as evidence she’s going to have a child. “She’s breaking out of the Jennifer Aniston mold,” says a supposed pal. “She had that same haircut for so long; it almost felt like it was trapping her.” The haircut was preventing motherhood?

Of course, the tab remains deliberately vague about how she’ll have a child, reporting she “consulted a fertility doctor” and would prefer to get pregnant by “in vitro fertilization,” but adds she “isn’t against using a surrogate,” and is also considering adoption “as a last resort.” Unfortunately, despite OK!‘s astounding collection of “evidence,” Aniston is NOT currently in the process of preparing for a baby.

A rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop the story is complete “nonsense,” pointing out that not long ago the tabs claimed the actress was building a baby nursery in her current L.A. home – yes, the same one that OK! now says is too “unmanageable” for a baby. Adds the rep, “The whole story is false.”

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Jennifer Aniston is going to have a baby on her own.

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