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Busting New Jennifer Aniston Baby Blabber

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By Daniel Gates

(OK! magazine)

Just when it didn’t seem like the absurd non-saga of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler could take another turn, along comes OK! magazine.

“Confirmed: Finally, A Baby For Jen” announces the cover, promising to explain “Why she’s choosing bad boy Gerard to make her dream come true.” The photo shows Butler holding Aniston, and Aniston holding her belly.

That makes it pretty clear where OK! is heading. According to the tab, Aniston is either pregnant (or soon to be pregnant), courtesy of a handpicked Butler.

Unfortunately, the editors can’t seem to decide which it is.

While Aniston and Butler promoted The Bounty Hunter in Madrid on March 30, fans “started buzzing” about “the gleam in Jen’s eye, her easy, confident glow and her hand resting on her not-so-flat tummy.”

So she has a bump and a glow… that means she’s (supposedly) pregnant, right?

Not exactly. A “source” close to the actress tells OK! Aniston recently had a “heart-to-heart” with friends and relatives and “admitted this is the year she’s going to become a mom.”

Hmm. So did fans see a… practice glow and practice baby bump in Madrid?

We’re confused. Either she is or she isn’t pregnant. What, then, was “confirmed,” as the magazine’s cover advertises?

Absolutely nothing.

Just “friends” of the actress claiming, “This is the year.”

What about the declaration that Butler is going to be the father?

Another empty premise.

OK! mashes together old press junket quotes in which Aniston calls Butler “pleasant to be around,” Butler’s recent casual comment that he’d “definitely like kids some day,” and a so-called “insider” saying, “Jen adores Gerry and thinks he’d make a perfect father.”

Not a single shred of evidence Aniston and Butler have decided to be parents together.

We doubt the tab itself even believes what it’s selling, because it then adds, “Whether Gerard’s in the picture or not, certainly, Jen has options,” discussing her support of a Mexican orphanage and research she did for her artificially inseminated character in The Switch.

To recap…

OK! cover: Jennifer Aniston is definitely having a baby, and Gerard Butler will be the father.

OK! story: Aniston might be pregnant. She might not be pregnant. She might have a baby with Butler. She might adopt. She may go for artificial insemination.

The only thing “confirmed” here is that the tab doesn’t have a clue about Aniston’s future.

And oh yeah, Aniston is not pregnant with anyone’s baby.

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