Jennifer Aniston On Cake: “F*ck It! I Wanted To Challenge Myself!” (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston Fuck It

By Daniel Gates


Jennifer Aniston Fuck It

(Comedy Central)

Jennifer Aniston explained her mindset behind taking the difficult, unflattering role she plays in Cake on Thursday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As she told the host, “I said, “F*ck it.’ I wanted to challenge myself.” Watch the video below.

She told Stewart that she was desperate to do something new, and badly wanted to do Cake, waiting until the actress who had been offered the part couldn’t do it. Aniston said it was a “tricky” role since there were a “lot of layers” to it. She and Stewart then both made a Cake pun.

Aniston and Stewart then joked about the sheer number of awards shows that now exist, which baffles both of them. Not that Aniston is complaining. “It’s never been my motivation [to win] a trophy, but it sure is nice when they call you really early and say that happened.” They agreed that it’s a much different landscape than comedy, where no one ever wins anything. Watch the video of Jennifer Aniston on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” below, and tell us what you think!

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