Jennifer Aniston Getting Facelift Before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Run-In At George Clooney Wedding?

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By Michael Lewittes


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“Jen To Have A Facelift For Reunion With Brad,” reads the headline of a ridiculous National Enquirer story that claims Jennifer Aniston is planning a “mini nip-and-tuck” before George Clooney’s wedding because she is “so freaked out about running into ex-husband Brad Pitt.”

According to the tabloid, Aniston is still “tormented” by Pitt nine years after he “ran off with Angelina Jolie.” Here we go again. “Jen wants to look younger than Angelina — and hotter than ever,” says a so-called “insider,” adding that Aniston wants to have a “look at me now” moment.

The “source” notes Aniston is “planning to have a mini facelift freshen-up in August.” Uh, huh. The alleged “source” goes on to claim Aniston is terrified of crossing paths with Jolie and Pitt, which is “why she wants to look her very best.” “Her plan is to make nice with both of them and be not only the bigger person, but also the hottest,” continues the mag’s supposed “insider.”

First of all, Aniston looks fabulous, so it’s a little hard to believe she would consider a facelift. Secondly, the National Enquirer is the same outlet that falsely reported that Justin Theroux’s “jutting veins” reminded Aniston of Jolie; inaccurately claimed Aniston called Jolie a “she-devil;” and manufactured a tale about a “cease fire” between the two women.

This latest story is just another example of the tabloid trying to perpetuate the phony narrative of a war between Jolie and Aniston nearly a decade after the latter’s split with Pitt. Regardless, a source tells Gossip Cop that there is no truth to this story. We’re told Aniston is NOT having a facelift.

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