Jennifer Aniston “Diva” On Movie Set?

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By Daniel Gates

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Jennifer Aniston is the subject of more bogus reporting by RadarOnline. The webloid claims the actress is a “diva” on the Connecticut set of the untitled Elmore Leonard project she’s currently filming “with other famous faces like Isla Fisher, Tim Robbins and Will Forte.”

According to the outlet, Aniston “doesn’t socialize with any of the cast or crew and purposely keeps herself removed as much as possible.” “Every day at lunch the entire cast and crew head to a cafeteria facility where they all sit down and eat lunch together for well over an hour,” a so-called “insider” tells RadarOnline. “But the only person who doesn’t eat with everyone else is Jen.” The blog’s source adds that Aniston “has her own luxury SUV,” which she supposedly uses to escape everyone.

“Not only is Jen’s private trailer miles away from the set, but she heads all the way back there each day to eat her lunch away from everyone else,” explains the RadarOnline spy. The outlet insists that while Aniston “isn’t outwardly rude to anyone,” she “just acts like a diva and it’s off-putting to those around her.” Uh-huh. So there’s no evidence of “outward” rudeness — just a vague accusation.

RadarOnline has a habit of bashing celebrities for allegedly unfriendly behavior — without having any proof. A rep tells Gossip Cop the site’s latest report is “all made up.” “Jennifer is having the most amazing experience working on this film,” we’re told, and sometimes “she eats quickly and then heads to her trailer because she is learning lines or rehearsing with the other actors.” Isla Fisher, by the way, has not even started working on set until this week, which shows just how out of the loop RadarOnline’s “insider” really is.

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