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The Truth About Jennifer Aniston’s “Romantic Dinner” with Justin Theroux

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By Daniel Gates


It’s been at least 15 minutes, so it must be time for Jennifer Aniston to be linked to a new guy!

And we know just the careless site to do it!

X17Online “can report exclusively that Jennifer Aniston and Your Highness star Justin Theroux enjoyed a romantic dinner date Wednesday night at West Hollywood’s Sunset Towers Tower Bar.”

Whenever X17Online reports “exclusively,” Gossip Cop hears an angel cry.

The site’s so-called “source” claims the two Wanderlust co-stars “recently started dating” and have been “hooking up” for a while.

“They’ve known each other for a while, but they’re more than friends now,” explains X17’s insider. “They’re cautious – they’re both taking it slowly.”


Know what X17Online fails to mention?

There were three other people at this so-called “romantic” dinner, Gossip Cop has learned

A rep for Aniston confirms to us that it was a dinner among five friends, NOT the cozy couple’s night out X17Online would have you believe.


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