Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Fighting Over Weddings?

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By Daniel Gates

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“They’ve been best friends for nearly 20 years — but Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are barely speaking these days,” reports Star. The tabloid says “their upcoming weddings are to blame.”

According to Star, Cox is “newly engaged” to Johnny McDaid and “fast-tracking her wedding plans… making Jen furious.”

“When Jen found out that Courteney wants to marry Johnny within the next couple of months, she lost it,” a so-called “insider” tells the outlet. “She told Courteney that she doesn’t understand the rush, and accused her of trying to steal her thunder.”

Then, says the Star source, “Courteney accused Jennifer of acting like an ‘immature 15-year-old.’ She told her to worry about herself.” Aniston, of course, is engaged to Justin Theroux. But Cox is NOT engaged to McDaid — kind of an important detail. In fact, it’s the detail on which this whole bogus story rests. Star doesn’t seem to care about details, though, except the ones it fabricates.

Readers get treated to a lot of made-up stuff about how Cox and McDaid are “happily planning an intimate wedding in Johnny’s home country of Northern Ireland,” all of which is an excuse for Star to set up an alleged clash between Cox and Aniston. Aniston is “determined to beat Courteney to the altar,” alleges the outlet, adding that for her part, Cox “thinks Jen is being self-absorbed and irrational.”

None of this is the least bit true, just like it was false when Star previously claimed that Aniston had ditched Cox from her life for Theroux’s friends, or the time the magazine wrongly alleged that Cox had urged Aniston to break up with Theroux. Despite years’ worth of efforts by Star, Cox and Aniston are still friends. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the new report is “ludicrous.”

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