MAG: Jennifer Aniston Calls Off Wedding, Wants “Revenge” on Angelina Jolie

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By Daniel Gates



Another week, another dreadful National Enquirer “report” about Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid says she’s “called off her wedding to Justin Theroux — and it’s all Angelina Jolie’s fault!”

Of course it is!

Quick point: Aniston and Theroux never had wedding plans. The Enquirer cluelessly claimed the couple was set to marry on Crete this summer, but Gossip Cop busted it. Twice.

In any case, the magazine now says Aniston is “outraged that her bitter love rival has stolen her thunder once again, this time by announcing her own engagement to Jen’s ex-husband, Brad Pitt.” According to a so-called “insider,” the “shattering news” led Aniston and Theroux to cancel their (again: non-existent) wedding plans, with Aniston allegedly convinced that Jolie “intentionally blindsided her.”

“Jen and Justin’s marriage would have been THE wedding of the year, but Angie went and hijacked Jen’s special moment,” explains the “insider,” adding, “Now, Jen wants revenge.” Revenge?

“Angelina better watch her back,” says the Enquirer source, “Because Jen’s making plans to retaliate.” Retaliate?

What does the tabloid think is going to happen? Is Jennifer Aniston plotting to poison Angelina Jolie’s food? Is she going to kidnap the Jolie-Pitt kids for ransom? Will she undo Jolie’s humanitarian efforts by starting a famine somewhere?

We’re really curious to know what the Enquirer thinks Aniston has in store for Jolie, because nothing seems far-fetched when the imaginative fiction “reporters” at the tabloid get going.

Once again: Jennifer Aniston never had wedding plans to cancel. She did not “collapse” over the Jolie-Pitt engagement news. A source close to the actress tells us, flatly, “The Enquirer is making all of this up. Period.”

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