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Jennifer Aniston Body Worries Not Fit For Print

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By Daniel Gates


It’s been a few days since the gossip mill concocted new insecurities for Jennifer Aniston, so this latest attempt should serve as little surprise.

“Despite her enviable body,” writes the Daily Mail, Aniston “still isn’t happy with the shape she’s in.” So she’s flown her personal trainer, Mandy Ingber, to the Hawaiian set of Just Go With It, where Aniston is shooting alongside Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker.

According to the Mail‘s version of events, Ingber’s arrival in Hawaii is newsworthy because it illustrates some kind of Aniston body panic triggered by meeting her “onscreen rival.”

“Jen has been getting really wound up with the wardrobe department because her costumes are so skimpy,” explains a “source” for the newspaper. “She’s worried about working with a younger model with a hot body.”

The only people “wound up” here write for the Daily Mail.

There’s nothing unusual about Ingber being on set. It isn’t news, and it isn’t at all out of the ordinary for the fitness-conscious Aniston.

As a rep for the actress tells Gossip Cop, “Mandy is Jennifer’s yoga teacher and one of her closest friends,” and when possible Aniston “likes to have her with her on location for all of the films she works on — it has nothing to do with Brooklyn Decker.”

Rather than good reporting, it seems like the Mail and other outlets’ approach to an empty rumor is: Just Go With It.


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