Tab: “Stunned” Jennifer Aniston Furious About Brad Pitt’s Parade Mag Interview

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By Daniel Gates



Ever since Brad Pitt spoke with Parade magazine about his marriage to Jennifer Aniston, outlets have tried to paint a picture of the exes being at war.

The Moneyball star was quoted in the interview as saying he was “trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn’t,” comments widely interpreted as an unfavorable comparison of Aniston to Angelina Jolie. According to the new Star magazine, the “outburst stunned Jen,” leading her to tell everyone Pitt’s a “liar.”

Specifically, Aniston allegedly takes issue with Pitt’s implication that she was to blame for their “boredom” as a couple, claims Star. “Jen called him right away to ask him just what he was thinking with all of this,” says a tab “insider,” who explains that she’s “humiliated and annoyed.”

The Parade quotes are supposedly “taking a toll,” says Star, rendering Aniston an emotional wreck. Except Star‘s version of events bears no resemblance to reality. Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are very visible and very happy, as evidenced during their Thursday night charity art auction participation. She didn’t make an outraged phone call to Pitt, because, as he explained on the “Today Show,” she’s been through the tabloid wringer and knows better than to engage in a faux feud.

What really pushes Star‘s nonsense over the top is a sidebar comparing Pitt’s action to “horrible exes” including Mel Gibson (who left Oksana Grigorieva abusive voice mail messages after their split) and Jesse James (who trashed Sandra Bullock‘s bedroom skills on “Howard Stern”).

Meanwhile, Pitt made a couple of comments that were grossly misinterpreted, and for which he’s repeatedly offered explanation designed to protect Aniston, whom he still calls a “dear friend.” The only ones who should feel “humiliated” and “annoyed” are those who spent $3.99 on this week’s issue of Star.

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