MAG: Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie Feuding in “Wedding War!”

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By Michael Lewittes


Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie have reignited their supposed “nasty rivalry” with a full-blown “WEDDING WAR,” blares the cover of Star in a story that seems more like it was lifted from the plot of the rom-com Bride Wars. The magazine alleges the ladies’ so-called feud is “on the verge of exploding all over again” after Brad Pitt recently told reporters he and Jolie plan towed “soon.”

According to a purported “insider” for the tabloid, “Brad admitting that he plans to marry Angelina soon was like a punch in the gut to Jen.” The source explains that Aniston is “completely in love” with fiancé Justin Theroux, but she “definitely still holds a grudge and wants to stick it to Angelina.” And, as for Jolie, another supposed “insider” for the tab claims, “Angelina may act like she’s above her drama-filled past, but she still gets great enjoyment over throwing her relationship with Brad in Jennifer’s face.” Therefore, says Star, Jolie and Aniston are both fighting to put on “the world’s most dazzling wedding.” Uh-huh.

The tab alleges that Aniston’s first step in her plan to outdo Jolie is to move her wedding to France, where Jolie and Pitt are reportedly set to marry. One purported “insider” tells the magazine, “After hearing that Brad and Angelina were planning to tie the knot in France, Jen decided to move hers there too.” The source notes, “She told her wedding planner to find the most stunning, upscale wedding venues in Paris,” adding, “She’s planning a $10 million wedding and has told the wedding planner she’s willing to go higher, if that’s what it takes to make sure they outshine Angelina.” Of course.

If you think that sounds insane, get a load of this next twist: Star goes on to claim that after Jolie heard that Aniston was getting married in France, “She switched her destination to Cambodia.” Naturally. “Angelina wants to make Jen’s wedding look like an obscene waste of money, while hers is more about family,” says the mag’s source.

OK, let’s stop this before our heads explode. Aniston and Jolie are completely oblivious to each other’s wedding plans. They DO. NOT. CARE. where or how the other is getting married. And Star has proven time and again with its dozens upon dozens of wrong reports about both actresses that it knows squat about either of them. Regardless, a source close to Aniston tells Gossip Cop she’s still deciding what her wedding plans will be, and that absolutely nothing about the tab’s elaborate tale is true.

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