Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston Oscars “Catfight” Looming?

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Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Fight

By Daniel Gates

Angelina Jolie Jennifer Aniston Fight

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Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are NOT gearing up for an “Oscar catfight,” despite a ridiculous new rumor Gossip Cop is happy to bust. The story began in the National Enquirer, where so many made-up stories have begun.

According to the tabloid, Hollywood “can’t wait” for a showdown between the actresses at the Oscars in a few months. “Both the former and current Mrs. Brad Pitt are on track for Academy Award nods, setting the stage for a face-to-face meeting,” explains the Enquirer. An “insider” tells the mag, “It’s going to be the most talked-about event of the awards season, and everyone is hoping for a major catfight!”

Um, no. The tabloid is hoping for a major catfight, because the Enquirer has been fueling this Jolie-Aniston “war” narrative for years, constantly promising fireworks and ignoring the fact that both women have long since moved on from any bad blood.

When the Enquirer says that Oscars organizers are “going to great lengths to ensure there are no incidents involving the two actresses,” that’s essentially the magazine admitting that nothing is going to happen between Jolie and Aniston. Deep down, the Enquirer knows this alleged Jolie-Aniston feud is 99.9 percent exaggeration and speculation. The magazine is trying to rile up readers with the idea of a “looming” catfight while covering itself for when no such catfight occurs.

Oh, and by the way? We’re still more than two months away from Oscar nominations even being announced. While it’s certainly possible both Jolie and Aniston could pick up nods, the idea that organizers are already preparing for some kind of apocalyptic showdown between them is absurd. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop the Enquirer story is “insane and idiotic.”

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