VIRAL VIDEO: Is This The Best JENGA Move Ever?

Jenga Viral Video

By Daniel Gates


Jenga Viral Video


Is this the greatest Jenga move ever? A new viral video shows a woman executing what may be one of the most impressive feats in human history. Or at least in the history of party games involving wooden block towers. Watch the clip below, and tell us what you think!

The footage is only eight seconds long but packs a wallop. We recommend watching it twice. Or more. A fierce debate has cropped up online over whether the move is real. Some conspiracy theorists believe the blocks have been glued together. Other people see it as some kind of visual hoax using camera tricks.

But lots of other Jenga enthusiasts insist the move is totally possible under the laws of physics, and that it’s the same as when someone is able to yank a tablecloth from a table without knocking everything over.

The YouTube uploader, DKBobby, offers no real context clues, simply calling the video “incredible jenga move.” We’d like to believe it’s real, and that if the footage were extended, we’d see the joyful player successfully putting the piece on top of the tower to complete the move. It’d be a real shame if she knocked it over after all that. Check out the video below!

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