Jeffrey Tambor: “It’s Not Fair” To Dictate How Bruce Jenner Comes Out As Transgender

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Jeffrey Tambor Bruce Jenner

By Daniel Gates

Jeffrey Tambor Bruce Jenner

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Jeffrey Tambor, who won a Golden Globe this year for his portrayal of a transgendered woman on “Transparent,” says that if Bruce Jenner is in the midst of a gender transition, he should be free to reveal his journey on his own terms. The actor spoke to reporters at Monday’s Point Honors Gaga in New York, where he was asked about the media frenzy over Jenner.

“I think Jenner has a right to do what Jenner wants to do, and the way Jenner wants to do it,” Tambor told reporters at the event. “I don’t think we should say, ‘Oh, you have to come out this way, or you have to come out this way.’ It’s not fair.”

As for the greater exposure to transgender issues such a high-profile example could generate, Tambor said, “I think it’s great! I think the more light and education there is about all of this is important. But I think people go, ‘Oh, I hope Jenner does it right.’ You know, Jenner can do it the way Jenner wants to do it. If he wants to do it making a documentary, then do it.”

An in-depth interview with Jenner, conducted by Diane Sawyer, is set to air on April 24. While the nature of the conversation has not been confirmed, it’s widely expected that Jenner’s reported gender transition will be a focus. Gossip Cop will have updates.

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