Jeff Gutt Gets Standing Ovation for “Best Version” of ‘Hallelujah’ on X Factor (VIDEO)

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Jeff Gutt got a standing ovation for his incredible version of “Hallelujah” on Wednesday’s “X Factor,” possibly cementing his place in next week’s finale.

Revisiting the track he sang for his standout audition in season 2, the season 3 semi-finalist blew away the judges with his powerful take on the classic song.

Demi Lovato told Gutt afterward, “I know I just said that Alex & Sierra could be the winners and I was looking at the winners, but I don’t know. Honestly, I think it’s going to be you two in the finals.”

Noting that there’s been dozens of versions of “Hallelujah” over the years, Lovato added, “This is my favorite, and it has been since last season.”

Simon Cowell agreed, saying, “That was one of the best versions I’ve ever heard of it.”

“You know why? Because it had absolutely sincerity, passion. You absolutely took the song like you owned it,” said Alex & Sierra’s coach. “We’ve got real competition here, Jeff, and good for you bringing it on.”

Paulina Rubio called Gutt’s performance “amazing,” and pointed out, “I think the fact that everyone knows this song and you made it into your own way, that’s a plus.”

And mentor Kelly Rowland said, “Jeff — one word: iTunes. I’m running to iTunes to get that version right now.”

“You just nailed that song and I’m so proud of you,” she gushed.

Gutt also performed “Every Breath You Take” in a competitive duet with Restless Road, and received a second standing ovation for his rendition of “Demons” by Imagine Dragons.

“What an incredible performance,” Cowell exclaimed after Gutt closed the show. “Your moment arrived this week, Jeff. You just gave everything.”

Rowland also cried (again) as she expressed how wonderful it’s been working with Gutt, and how much she “respects” him as a man, father, and performer.

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