VIDEO: Jay Leno Returns To Tonight Show For Standup & Interview With Jimmy Fallon

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Jay Leno Return Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon

By Michael Lewittes


Jay Leno Return Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon


Jay Leno returned to the “Tonight Show” on Friday night. It was the first time Leno was back on the show he hosted for more than two decades on NBC.

Leno began his appearance by walking onto the stage and doing a standup routine about everything ranging from the Apple Watch and soccer to competitive eating, NFL players, and Justin Bieber. Leno was then interviewed by Fallon, who asked, “How am I doing?” The two talk show hosts then joked about photo shoots they did together, with Leno then making fun of pampered TV personalities. He even mocked Fallon for knowing nothing about cars.

Fallon brought up how excited he was to have Leno on his show, prompting the former host to remind Fallon how he promised, if he came on the “Tonight Show,” he would pay for all of Leno’s expenses. Leno then took out some receipts he wanted to be reimbursed for, including a copy of Cat Fancy magazine, a slice of pizza, and three pornographic movies he watched in his hotel room.

Unlike when he hosted the show, Leno was dressed much more casually in a suit, but with no tie. After his interview, Leno stayed and sat on the couch during the next segment with guest Lucy Liu, during which he still cracked jokes.

Leno is retuning to the NBC fold next year. In 2015, the legendary automobile enthusiast will have a car show on the CNBC called “Jay Leno’s Garage,” based on his popular web series.

Check out the video below, and tell us what you think.

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