CLAIM: Jason Trawick “Cheated” on Britney Spears

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By Daniel Gates


Star magazine claims Jason Trawick cheated on Britney Spears with two “erotic dancers” earlier this month. According to the tabloid, Trawick “betrayed” Spears when he was allegedly “caught cheating” during a night out with friends on September 5.

Star says Spears’ fiancé was hanging with his pals in the lobby bar of the W Hollywood Hotel when “two provocatively dressed girls” approached them. “He told them they were hot and asked if they wanted a drink,” an “insider” tells the magazine, adding that the women, Alina Ratuska and Marina Zog, work as “erotic dancers” who are “paid to party.”

The Star source explains, “They dance, drink and hook up with a lot of celebrities.” According to the tab, the women invited Trawick’s group to Hollywood club Tru, and his friends eventually got an “apprehensive” Trawick to come along.

Once there, Trawick allegedly got “cozy” with Zog. “He had his hands all over her, caressing her legs and back,” reports the Star source. “Meanwhile, Alina was dancing in a cage with whips and chains, looking at Jason the entire time. When he wasn’t canoodling with Marina, he was gawking at Alina.” The “witness” claims Trawick was “drinking rum and cokes all night” and eventually had to be carried out by his friends at approximately 1:00 a.m. Ratuska and Zog allegedly returned with the group to the hotel. “I don’t know what Jason did with Alina and Marina at the after party,” says Star’s insider, “But from how drunk he was and how he was acting toward them, it definitely wasn’t appropriate.” Uh-huh.

In other words, Star alleges that Trawick “cheated” on his fiancée — and then admits that its version of events is speculative. More importantly, the story is just plain wrong, both in the details and the implications. Here’s what actually happened. Gossip Cop is told that while it’s true his buddies encouraged a reluctant Trawick to go with them to the club that night, he did not drink, and nothing happened between him and the women. A rep calls the Star report of cheating and betrayal a case of “erroneous embellishment.” Star has a long history of publishing sensationalistic, often inaccurate stories about Trawick and Spears — including horrifically false allegations of domestic violence. The tabloid’s new reporting is completely off-base as well.

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