MAG: Britney Spears & Jason Trawick “Wedding’s Off”

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By Daniel Gates


Jason Trawick “seems more interested in partying and plotting Britney Spears’ career than marrying her,” declares In Touch, the latest tabloid to speculate that the couple has decided not to wed. According to the magazine, “The wedding’s off” for Spears and Trawick.

“Britney was ready to marry Jason even before he popped the question,” a so-called “friend” tells In Touch, but the tab says “10 months after promising Britney the world, it appears Jason has no intention of reciting wedding vows.”

What evidence does the mag have? In Touch brings up how Trawick’s approval as Spears’ co-conservator “cements his role as Britney’s business manager, not romantic partner.” Meanwhile, Trawick is said to like partying with his friends more than spending time with Spears and her children, with an alleged In Touch “insider” believing “Jason has purchased a bachelor pad in Hollywood.”

The tab also attempts to use as evidence of a called off wedding that Spears “dodged questions about a wedding date” during her September 13 appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” and has been “spotted without her engagement ring.” To illustrate this final point, In Touch runs a photo of Spears standing next to Trawick without her ring at a recent event for “The X Factor” at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre.

What the magazine FAILS to mention is that Spears had taken off her ring because she was about to make handprints in one of the venue’s famous cement blocks. Moreover, a source close to the superstar tells Gossip Cop that she’d never reveal her wedding date on Kimmel’s show, and that In Touch’s use of random bits like that shows the tabloid is just “trying to stitch together” a story using random details. As for Trawick spending some nights away from Spears’ home, we’re told categorically that he has NOT bought a “bachelor pad.”

As Gossip Cop has reported consistently, there was NEVER any set wedding date for the couple, and these intermittent tabloid attempts to make it seem as though the wedding’s been called “off” or delayed are simply not true. A source close to the couple assures Gossip Cop there is “no story here,” despite In Touch’s efforts to turn nothing into something.

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