Star: Jason Segel Has “All But Vanished” And Friends Are Worried

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By Daniel Gates


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Jason Segel has “all but vanished,” claims Star.

According to the tabloid, he “hasn’t returned calls and texts from friends in weeks.”

“Recently, he’s been acting strangely,” a source tells Star. “We’re all a little nervous about his well-being.”

What’s the supposed problem?

The outlet mentions that Segel went to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after splitting from Michelle Williams last March, and that he’s now apparently dealing with some kind of issues… although Star never bothers to say what is allegedly troubling him.

“Friends insist his behavior is unusual,” writes the tabloid.

One source tells Star, “He’s never one to be distant or shy away from being around people, so it’s all very weird.”

Star — or the people pretending to be “sources” for Star — has proven that it knows little about Segel.

It falsely claimed he was engaged to Williams.

It wrongly alleged he was dating Katie Holmes.

None of Segel’s actual friends are sharing any concerns with Star.

The picture above — showing Segel doing Sex Tape promotion with co-stars Cameron Diaz and Rob Lowe in Barcelona — was taken on June 19.

It took approximately eight seconds to find.

Maybe if Star cared more about being accurate than being sensational, it would have realized that Segel is out and about and promoting his new movie instead of off the grid and causing his friends to worry.

A rep for Segel says there’s nothing wrong with the actor.

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