CLAIM: Jason Segel Reached Out to Heath Ledger’s Family About Michelle Williams

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By Daniel Gates


Jason Segel reached out to Heath Ledger’s family to “let them know they are always welcome to see” the late actor’s six-year-old daughter with Michelle Williams, claims RadarOnline.

The webloid says Segel, who’s been dating Williams for several months, is “playing the role of doting stepdad” to little Matilda, and recently told Heath’s father, Kim Ledger, that “he is there” for his granddaughter. A “source” tells RadarOnline, “Jason got on the phone and introduced himself to Kim, and then invited the Ledgers to use his home whenever they wanted to fly in from Australia to visit Michelle and Maddie.” An appreciative Ledger allegedly then gave “his blessing for Jason to marry Michelle and be a stepdad to Matilda,” says the site’s source. The story pretends Williams and Ledger’s family are estranged, and that Segel went around his girlfriend to contact the Ledgers directly in the hopes “they can all be one big, happy family.”

This is not true. The Ledgers already speak with Matilda, there’s no cold war between them and Williams, and Segel did not independently contact Kim Ledger to establish a relationship and seek his approval about Segel’s romance with Williams. A source close to the couple tells Gossip Cop it’s a fabrication. Last month, RadarOnline’s sister outlet, Star magazine, falsely claimed Segel and Williams were engaged. Maybe it’s time for both publications to find better sources.

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