Jason Derulo Denies Impregnating Other Woman, Admits He Broke Up With Jordin Sparks On The Phone (VIDEO)

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Jason Derulo Breakup Interview

By Shari Weiss


Jason Derulo Breakup Interview

(Power 105)

Jason Derulo is shooting down a rumor that he and Jordin Sparks split because he got another woman pregnant.


As Gossip Cop reported, the couple’s split was confirmed last week, and Sparks has remained largely mum on the breakup. Derulo, however, has since released a statement denying speculation that infidelity played any role, and revealed in an interview that pressure to marry was to blame.

Now the performer gives even more new details in an interview with Power 105, and he’s asked why he’s opening up about something so personal.

“I got so many different messages, and just going on different media outlet sites, and news and television, there was just so many different stories,” replies Derulo. “So I felt like it was important for me to come and talk about it for a bit, and make sure I’m saying the air is clear.” He continues, “It got to the extent where it was like I got this one girl pregnant. I was like what?” “There was none of that,” insists Derulo, going on to say that the split was the result of various issues, with “small things adding up.”

The star also wonders why everyone “automatically” assumes it’s his “fault,” and downplays photos of himself with other girls. “You can always see pictures of me with other women,” he says, “but you can’t put that women in my bed just because she has her hand on my shoulder.” Derulo goes on to say that it’s been “hard” transitioning from lovers to friends, particularly since he and Sparks are not in touch at the moment. He shares, “I catch myself looking at her Instagram and seeing what she’s doing. ‘Cause I love her. I love her. You just don’t fall out of love with somebody like that.”

Still, Derulo confesses he was ready to leave the relationship for a while now, and even admits the final decision happened over the phone. “I wasn’t in town,” he says. “It’s not like you guys think.” Hm.

Check out Derulo’s full interview below.

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