Jason Biggs Makes Controversial ‘Bachelor’ Jokes: Juan Pablo Will “Hate F**k” Women

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By Michael Lewittes

Jason Biggs

(Getty Images)

Jason Biggs received backlash from Twitter followers after the actor made some controversial jokes about “The Bachelor” premiere with Juan Pablo on Monday night.

The “Orange is the New Black” star tweeted about Juan Pablo’s 27 “Bachelor” contestants, noting, “There are prettier faces being interviewed in the Florida State locker room right now. #TheBachelor.” Biggs went on to crack, “I bet that girl who has 9 special needs family members lets them play with her big t**ties every now and then cuz what else right?” The actor added in another tweet, “This season’s contestants on #TheBachelor are a dentist’s wet dream.”

Biggs further summed up the season by saying, “Juan Pablo will hate-f**k all these chicks. They will all convince themselves that they love him. He will be single when the show is over.”

A number of “Bachelor” fans slammed the American Pie star for his comments, and some Twitter users even unfollowed him. Biggs, for his part, deleted a few of the aforementioned tweets. See the rest below.

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