Jared Leto: I Almost Went to Oscars in Drag

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(Terry Richardson for ES Magazine)

By Shari Weiss

(Terry Richardson for ES Magazine)

Jared Leto admits he considered going to the Academy Awards in drag in a new interview with the Evening Standard’s magazine.

The actor, who won the Best Supporting Actor Award for Dallas Buyers Club, reveals, “I thought about dragging up for the Oscars, going as Rayon, because I knew that she would have loved to be there.”

“It’s so much work for girls to get ready. I was brought up by my mum, so I always had an appreciation of women. But now I have more respect for the process,” he reflects. “It’s a lot, what women have to do to themselves. But in the end, when you put that final dash of lipstick on and your look all comes together, it really is a glorious reward.”

Leto further confesses that he doesn’t care about the many accolades he received over awards season, but “I would never say, ‘I don’t give a shit about the Oscars,’ because it’s not the whole truth.”

“It’s not about the shiny, naked golden man, or the pat on the back, it’s about being able to stand on a world stage for two minutes in front of a billion people and say something that is meaningful, important to you,” he explains.

Looking back on the Oscar experience after a “week-long pink-cloud high,” Leto notes, “It was pretty f*cking fantastic to see all those Hollywood dreamers letting loose with such abandon. I looked over and my mother was dancing with Madonna.”

The serious acceptance speech contrasted with the wild partying captures two aspects of the star’s multi-faceted personality, and he’s reluctant to take on any one adjective. “I just follow my gut — as Andy Warhol said, ‘Labels are for cans, not people,'” he tells the magazine.

Asked whether he’d ever consider a career in politics, Leto says his desire to help people stems from his impoverished childhood. “My mum was a teenager when she had us; she used food stamps to feed us, she got helped by social services to go back to school and train as a nurse to try to give her kids some stability. So if I can help or be of service in any way…” he says.

Leto continues, “But you know what? I’m too impatient. I’d probably swear in a speech. As George Clooney says, ‘I’ve f*cked too many chicks and done too many drugs to be in politics.'”

For the immediate future, the 42-year-old is focusing on his work with brother Shannon in their band 30 Seconds to Mars. “We don’t give a sh*t about our ages. We’re not worrying about that. There are no rules,” he says, going on to address what would happen if he “met some girl he wanted to settle down with.”

Leto says, “Then she’d better have a passport… look at the Rolling Stones, they just keep on going. Maybe me and my brother will be shaking it up there in our sixties. Who knows? Or maybe I’ll just walk away.” But there is one thing he doesn’t do anymore. “I don’t dive into the mosh pit any more,” he says. “It’s the fastest way to lose your penis. And I’m proud to say mine is still intact.”

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