Janice Dickinson: “F*ck You, Bill Cosby” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Janice Dickinson Bill Cosby Nancy Grace

By Michael Lewittes


Janice Dickinson Bill Cosby Nancy Grace


Janice Dickinson continued to attack Bill Cosby during an emotional and combative appearance on Monday’s “Nancy Grace.” The former supermodel sobbed and yelled as she pleaded for Cosby to be stopped.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Dickinson claims Cosby drugged and raped her in a Lake Tahoe hotel room in 1982, and has appeared on multiple news outlets to share her story. “It is my right as a woman, as a parent to protect women out their worldwide and to protect daughters, and granddaughters, sisters and mothers,” shouted Dickinson. “Okay! It is my right. I want every woman out there to please hear my words. We’ve got to stop this man. He will keep doing it.” Dickinson continued to lash out. “F*ck you, Bill Cosby,” she said. “I’m not a tacky b*tch. Bill Cosby is a tacky rapist.”

When asked about Cosby’s attorney Martin Singer saying she’s not telling the truth, Dickinson yelled, “I pray that Marty Singer gets his for calling me a liar. Janice Dickinson doesn’t lie.” Grace then asked Dickinson about her profiting from coming forward with her allegations. “I’m not hawking my book,” said Dickinson. “Don’t buy it. I’m telling the truth. I’m not getting a nickel for this. I’m not getting paid by anyone to do this. My work has stopped. No one’s hiring me. They’re afraid. This is a taboo subject.”

Also on Monday, six of Cosby’s other accusers appeared on CNN to discuss their allegations on a network special called “The Cosby Show: A Legend Under Fire.” Barbara Bowman, Joan Tarshis, P.J. Masten, Victoria Valentino, and Kristina Ruehli candidly spoke with Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota about their alleged sexual assaults and what they want to see happen to Cosby. “I want him to suffer, suffer like we have all suffered,” said Masten. Bowman said that since coming forward, people in Cosby’s entourage have emailed her to validate the accusers’ allegations. She noted that there are more women who have not gone public yet. Masten added that other former Playboy bunnies have told her that they were also allegedly sexually assaulted by Cosby. Check out the segments from Dickinson’s interview with Nancy Grace and the CNN special below, and tell us what you think!

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