Janay Rice To Critic: “Get A F**kin’ Life!”

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Janay Rice Statement

By Daniel Gates

Janay Rice Statement

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Janay Rice just slammed an Instagram commenter who called Rice’s defense of her abusive husband Ray “sickening.”

As Gossip Cop has reported, the release of video showing Ray punching Janay in a casino elevator led to his suspension from the NFL, although Janay subsequently stuck up for Ray, instead blaming the media for their “horrible nightmare.”

On Tuesday, an Instagram user named GossipAllDay, responding to Janay’s statement of support for Ray, wrote:

Girl shut the hell up!!! Weak a** little girl!!! How dare you, excuse your HUSBAND’S behavior for a check??! This is sickening and disturbing!! Wow! How lonely and sad inside she must be, to think the media would keep that punch away [from] the world! #SickAss #RayRice #Wife #JanayRice #TypicalBatteredWoman

Janay Rice responded:

And who asked you! B*tch bye get a f**kin life and stop worrying about mine. Typical lame broad.

GossipAllDay did not back down:

You mad boo? I’m not the one that beat your ass, your HUSBAND did that. Or do you need to watch the replay I keep watching every time I turn on my television!? Your (sic) sad lady! And you need HELP!

Earlier on Tuesday, Ray Rice said that he and Janay “continue to support each other.”

What do you think of the whole situation?

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