James Franco: Lindsay Lohan Is “Delusional” With Sex Claims (LISTEN)

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By Daniel Gates


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James Franco visited Howard Stern’s radio show on Wednesday, and talked about everything — including Lindsay Lohan’s “delusional” claims that they had sex, his scandalous instagram flirtation with a teenager, nude paintings, and whether he hooks up with co-stars.

Much of the conversation concerned Lohan, who included Franco on her infamous “sex list.” “I never had sex with Lindsay Lohan,” says Franco, saying that while they “made out” years ago, it was “lame” and never got any further.

He insists, “I will swear on my mother’s life that I never had sex with her.” Detailing their bizarre, years-long friendship, Franco says Lohan once “broke into my room” at the Chateau Marmont in the middle of the night and spent a long time “stalking” him.

He also reveals that when he invited Lohan to attend an NYU theater rehearsal, she was “so rude” to the undergraduate actors, he told her to leave and then locked the room. “Every time I’ve brought her into my life… it’s turned really lame,” says Franco, who explains that while they’ve often gotten along, Lohan has had periods when she would “turn horrible.”

As for his recent online flirtation with 17-year-old Lucy Clode, the star believes the media has completely misinterpreted the interaction — which Clode initiated and pursued. “I’m not going to high schools, looking for dates,” says Franco, explaining that he was a “gentleman” to Clode, and that things got out of hand. He says, “I was just trying to meet somebody… it’s just that my dirty sh*t gets put out internationally.”

Franco also discusses his infamous Oscars hosting gig, saying he was “really depressed” the night before the show because he knew it “was not going to be that great.” He told Stern that he thinks his Palo Alto co-star Emma Roberts is “too young” to be engaged, and talked about why he no longer has sex with co-stars. It’s definitely worth a listen.


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