Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Soaked Playing “Water War” On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Jake Gyllenhaal Water War Jimmy Fallon

By Michael Lewittes


Jake Gyllenhaal Water War Jimmy Fallon


Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon got into a serious game of “Water War” on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” Basically, the game was played like the card game “War,” with the person who drew the higher card getting to completely soak the other player with a glass of water. Or, as Fallon put it, “If you lose the hand, you get a pint of water in the face.” The first person to throw five glasses of water on their opponent won, and then got to spray the loser with a massive water cannon.


Even though Gyllenhaal initially thought the game was “weird,” the actor eventually got really into it. At one point, after winning a hand, Gyllenhaal slowly poured a pint of water over Fallon’s head, as he said, “I’m pissing on your head.” Later, Fallon spilled a glass down Gyllenhaal’s pants and apologized, “Sorry, man, I missed your head.” Not surprisingly, the game between the two got even more intense.

Gyllenhaal, who was on the “Tonight Show” to promote his new film Nightcrawler, joins a slew of other stars who have gotten soaked by Fallon playing “Water War,” including Tom Cruise, Ryan Reynolds, and Lindsay Lohan.

So, who won this game of “Water War”? Check out the video below.

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