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CLAIM: Jake Gyllenhaal Bought Pricey Guitar as Birthday Gift for Taylor Swift

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By Daniel Gates



Jake Gyllenhaal can be confident he’ll be getting lucky over Christmas,” announces The Sun.

If only the newspaper’s own strategy wasn’t just to throw stories against the wall and hope to “get lucky.”

Anyway, the outlet claims Gyllenhaal “has forked out £7,000 [$11,000] on a rare guitar as a 21st birthday present” for Taylor Swift. Specifically, says The Sun, Gyllenhaal picked out a Fender Gretsch – signed by country music legend Chet Atkins – that Swift had “drooled over” in a Nashville store.

“He was originally going to buy it just as a gift, but it ended up being perfect for her birthday on Monday,” explains a so-called “source.”

The Sun mentions that Gyllenhaal “must be keen” on Swift, since he also supposedly “blew £100,000 flying her to London on a private jet” last month.

Except the private jet story wasn’t true. Gossip Cop already busted it.

And Gyllenhaal did not break the bank now on a pricey guitar for Swift, either.

A source close to the actor tells us it’s “not true,” and Swift sources in the know never heard anything about it.

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